“Charles was Managing Director of our Company for a number of years assisting with
Company turnarounds and reconstruction mainly acting on the instructions of Joint Stock Banks. He
carried out his duties in a most effective and efficient manner and all of the companies he was involved
with survived a difficult financial climate. All the directors of the Company had a great respect for Charles
for his diligence, good humour and sheer hard work. In his time with the Company he built up many
helpful business relationships within the accountancy and banking professions as well as the wider
business community throughout the U.K.. I would certainly recommend Charles for any post within the
business community”.  Angus J. M. Mair, Chairman, 2020 Group, Edinburgh.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Charles Barber, his performance as a non executive director
proved that he will be a valuable addition to any company. I have known Charles in my capacity
as CEO. Charles worked for me on various projects as a consultant, and based on his work, I would rank
him as a competent and skilled professional”.  CEO, Financial Services, Zürich.


“I have known Charles Barber for 10 years as a friend and business colleague. Charles has
considerable ability both as a hand-on manager and as a business consultant. He has experience of a
great variety of management challenges but in my view his particular expertise lies in the areas of
strategy development and the management of change. Wherever Charles is involved he demonstrates a
tremendous degree of commitment and a determination to arrive at a successful conclusion. He has an
imaginative approach which often allows him to throw new light on difficult problems. From my own
experience I would describe Charles’s style as inclusive. He has good inter-personal and motivational
skills and is a good judge of people. He understands the fundamental importance of achieving buy-in to
any proposed solution, not just from senior managers but from everyone involved. On the other hand he
does not shrink from recommending and implementing tough decisions if that is what he believes is
necessary. I would have no hesitation recommending Charles to any organisation coping with rapidly
changing circumstances”.  Fred Shedden, Senior Partner, McGrigor Donald, Glasgow & London.

“Throughout the entire period of our working relationship Mr. Barber was invaluable to the
team and the project. His ability to analyse problems and develop relevant strategies for moving complex
issues forward was an asset. In addition, his level of professionalism when approaching any task was
consistently maintained. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Barber for any position involving
corporate analysis, business and project management fields in general and more specifically, in the air
transport sector”.  Cecilia Decurtins, CEO, Geneva.

“Charles Barber’s involvement acted as the much needed catalyst to drive the necessary
changes in our business”.  Chairman and CEO, Logistics Business, UK.

“Charles Barber kept me informed of development, before and during assignment. Focused
on task and timetables. Delivered on time. (My) Participation at initial meeting with client company was
very worthwhile. Many thanks!”.  Gerry Reynolds, Senior Executive Investment, Scottish Enterprise.

“Our main point of contact throughout the assignment was Charles Barber. Charles worked
on site with the management team and was assisted at key points by Angus Mair. The assignment was
conducted in an extremely efficient and effective manner throughout. In general the 2020 experience
strengthened the company’s management and assisted in a number of areas where improvement has
proved beneficial. I would have no hesitation to recommend 2020 Group for consideration as a potential
business partner or adviser”.  Cameron McClymont, Finance Director, Engineering Business, UK.

“Mr. Charles Barber generously volunteered his time and expertise to the charity
commencing in 1993 as Chairman of Fundraising for the Nordoff Robbins charity in Scotland and
organising the first large and successful fundraising event there in 1995. He has continued on the London
Fundraising Committee offering support and advice to the fundraising profile of the charity. Having lived in
Switzerland for some years, his current wish is to develop Nordoff Robbins services in Switzerland in
order to make the transforming power of music more available to people in need in Switzerland. To this
end, he has been working with one of the Nordoff Robbins Masters Degree graduates from Switzerland in
order to formulate a strategy for these developments. Mr. Barber has been a valuable and committed
supporter of the charity for many years”.  Pauline Etkin, CEO, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy.

“(We) found the experience of bringing 2020 to work with this textile company a learning
curve, which will be of considerable future benefit, if we are dealing with other such situations in the
future”.  Davis Gass, Director Enterprise Development.

“His dedication and his collegial behaviour towards all earned him the trust of
management and our employees. We thank Mr. Barber for his contribution”.  
Owner & CEO, Family owned company established in 1800s, Zürich.

“I found the (coaching) sessions with Choice boosted my motivation to finding ‘the right
job’ for me as well as widening my available job options given my specific experience and skill sets. I was
immediately able to apply the interview hints I had received from Mr. Barber to strengthen my confidence
(body language) and Q&A techniques. I also found his input on salary negotiation helpful. All of it (the
coaching) was a positive experience”.  Coachee anon at Choice Ltd. Zürich.

"(My) most positive experience during the programme: “open discussions with Charles
about my career and my strengths”.  Coachee anon at Choice Ltd. Zürich.


"What you notice first when working with Charles is his positive energy. He is determined and never shy to speak his mind, yet leaves you space to develop and express your own ideas and hence is an excellent sparring partner. He has a natural curiosity that leads him to go all the way and not be satisfied with easy answers. He brings broad experience to the table without a 'knows it all' attitude and prompts you to develop solutions that take everybody involved a step further". 

Head of Department, Financial Services, Zürich.


“I have known Charles Barber for two years as a business colleague in my work as
MENTOR® Master Trainer and Director, Product Development and Client Relations at The RBL
Group. Charles has made meaningful contributions to the development and delivery of an executive
coaching offering, asking pertinent positioning and strategic questions, gently prodding to keep the
development on track when other priorities threatened, and contributing to the development of a
powerful approach. I have thoroughly enjoyed our interactions. In my opinion, his lively, curious, and focused
intellect is one of his greatest strengths. In addition, he has a generous forthright approach to the
work at hand and a partner who can work with both patience and persistence through hurdles that
appear on the way to the successful conclusion of a project. In developing executives, his practical
experience would keep him focused on the relevance of the programmes to the business issues at
hand and he would be very comfortable and effective in the critical back-and-forth dialogue that
makes executive leadership development experiences both engaging and relevant”.
Erin Wilson Burns, Director, The RBL Group, Utah.

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