Executive profile - Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
I am an accomplished business director, with a focus on cutting company costs and boosting company revenue through innovative problem solving.

I am straight talking and positive with substantial experience and

results in change management and, in particular, business rescue
As an accredited MENTOR® Coach, my passion is

to enable people and businesses to thrive.


"What you notice first when working with Charles is his positive energy. He is determined and never shy to speak his mind, yet leaves you space to develop and express your own ideas and hence is an excellent sparring partner. He has a natural curiosity that leads him to go all the way and not be satisfied with easy answers. He brings broad experience to the table without a 'knows it all' attitude and prompts you
to develop solutions that take everybody involved a step further". 

Head of Department, Financial Services, Zürich.

“Charles was Managing Director of our Company for a number of years assisting with Company turnarounds and reconstruction mainly acting on the instructions of Joint Stock Banks. He carried out his duties in a most effective and efficient manner and all of the companies he was involved
with survived a difficult financial climate. All the directors of the Company had a great respect for Charles for his diligence,
good humour and sheer hard work. In his time with the Company he built up many helpful business relationships within the
accountancy and banking professions as well as the wider business community throughout the U.K.
I would certainly recommend Charles for any post within the business community”. 
 Angus J. M. Mair, Chairman, 2020 Group, Edinburgh.

"Charles helped me greatly to improve my processes in my work and my way of thinking. I can highly recommend Charles' professionalism
and great work. Separately, his charity fundraising also was a great job".
Gábor Balogh, Operation Director at BYD Electric Bus & Truck Hungary Kft.



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